Shared Hosting:- The Best Web Hosting Plans For Small Businesses

Shared hosting is quite common among web hosting services in India and abroad. However, less or little knowledge about the plan hampers businesses to take the full benefits of this awesome hosting service. If you’re looking for more information on shared hosting, lets us break this best web hosting plan here in this blog. 

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting service where multiple websites make use of the same hosting server. Take an example of a multi-story building where multiple businesses flourish on different floors/rooms without any issues. 

Once you choose VNET’s safe shared hosting server, we locally distribute a web server to store, serve and operate your websites along with others from. 

Why Shared Hosting Is So Popular?

The answer is simple:- Affordability, flexibility, and reliability.


Once the hosting server provider allocated resources of their servers to different domains, the maintenance and upkeep cost of the server decreases drastically. 

Running a web hosting server requires high investment including capital investment in buying that server. With shared hosting, the server cost gets distributed further benefiting the businesses. 

Easy To Use

With shared hosting, you don’t need to be a technical expert as it offers a highly user-friendly control panel for uploading and downloading files.  Making changes in the files, folders is super easy as here, as you get various tools and configuration options. 

DNS tools, email forwards, website compression, other simple-to-use tools make the hosting experience easy for all.

Unmetered Bandwidth

All the server resources are shared with multiple domains; there is unlimited bandwidth available for your websites. The website may use the required bandwidth and beyond that, you get an email or message notification for choosing an upgraded web hosting plan. 

Multiple Domain Management

Business having more than one domain finds it difficult to manage all of them at multiple places. With a leading shared hosting server, hosts your multiple websites at one server with shared hosting. 

Easy Email Hosting

Shared hosting service provides ways to add multiple email ids for the business. Email quota allocation, email forwarding to Gmail, and more are possible with shared hosting. 

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

Web hosting is essential for making websites accessible from around the globe on the internet. So when a user types the best hosting company name, the search engines look for relevant websites and their hosting server. 

Once located, search engines send HTTP request messages that are vital to ensure the safety of the users. The HTTP request gets accepted and users get desired information on their screen.

Whether you use shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting or cloud hosting, the process is the same. The difference is, the shared server gets multiple requests for multiple websites at once.  The server does load balancing or disc space rationalization to serve the requests for every domain. 

Shared Hosting Plans Are Suitable For Whom?

As we’ve understood that it is more affordable than other hosting plans, its suitability is best for small businesses, freelance, bloggers, web development beginners, WordPress hosting users, or any other beginners in this online world. 

In simpler words, it is best for websites with low traffic, data, or bandwidth. 

Disadvantage of Using Shared Hosting

  • Not secure as other hosting plans
  • Speed remains an issue
  • Various problems keep coming
  • Cheap shared hosting services don’t provide good service