10 Best And Widely Used Linux Distributions In India

Linux, the most popular and loved open-source operating system offers a programmer-friendly environment. Here we have listed the top 10 Linux distributions on the basis of availability, easy installation and available community support. 

  1. Linux Mint: A stable and robust Ubuntu-based distribution, Linux Mint provides installation of around 30,000 packages after the operating system is up and running. It is a useful software for multimedia codecs. 

Best for: Students, professionals and developers

  1. Debian: This serves as the top choice for servers and offers the largest number of available packages. This popular Linux-based OS stands out for being stable and robust. It offers large-scale hardware support, smooth upgrades and security support. 

Best for: Beginners

  1. Ubuntu: It is a Debian-based OS that stands out for its large community support as well as professional support. It is widely used as it offers all the essential applications such as browsers, office suite and media applications, etc. Using LibreOffice you can easily create and maintain spreadsheets, presentations, etc.  

Best for: Students, professionals and developers

  1. Manjaro: Manjaro is an Arch Linux-based distribution that offers a perfect platform for new users with its preinstalled graphical apps, multimedia codecs and other automated tools. 

Best for: Beginners

  1. openSUSE: openSUSE is the best alternative for Red Hat Linux. It offers a user-friendly desktop, open-source tools and a full-featured environment for servers and that is the reason it is suitable for system administrators and software developers. 

Best for: Experienced developers as well as beginners 

  1. Arch Linux: Arch Linux is a flexible Linux distribution, offering a user-friendly environment and is independently developed. This simple and user-centralized Linux distribution is not suitable for beginners due to its complex installation process. 

Best for: Professionals and developers

  1. Fedora: Fedora serves as the best platform for the developers as it always keeps integrating new versions and technologies in the distribution. Loved by professionals, this platform is ideal for containers, hardware and the cloud. 

Best for: Developers

  1. Zorin OS: It is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution and is suitable for beginners due to its Windows-like GUI. It allows programmers to enjoy the features of Linux by providing a working environment the same as that of Windows. It supports more than 50 languages and is pre-loaded with abundant beneficial technologies. 

Best for: Professionals as well as new users

  1. CentOS: CentOS is another best alternatives to Red Hat Linux as it is robust and stable. Derived from the distributions of Red Hat, it is the best for web servers. 

Best for: Developers 

  1. SparkyLinux: SparkyLinux is a lightweight and fast OS that offers a desktop environment with minimal GUI and features like GameOver, CLI, Multimedia & Rescue, etc.  

Best for: Gamers

The above article provides the list of the top 10 Linux distributions. If you are new to Linux and not able to decide the best distro to start your journey, this article will guide you. 

Do write in comments which Linux distro you started using from the above-mentioned distributions and how was your experience.

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