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Managed VPS hosting

Managed VPS hosting powered by SSD RAID, open stack and NGINX.

High performance basic managed VPS – a fast and reliable option for your newly started agency, business application or e-commerce. Your servers are fully yours; get the dedicated Environment, 99.99% uptime at a modest cost. Try our plans!

Features Of Basic Managed VPS

Full Root Access

There is no denying the fact that VPS hosting is a combination of shared hosting in terms of cost and dedicated hosting in terms of service. In basic managed VPS, you get to see the best of both platforms. At the modest minimum cost, you can modify your system as you please as your servers are fully isolated from other servers.

Instant Provisioning

As eagerly as you wait to set up your website, that instantly we allocate resources to you; CPU, RAM, OS everything is allocated within few minutes of account set up. Furthermore, you can scale resources in different proportions as your business prospers in our basic managed hosting


Unlike in shared hosting in basic managed VPS hosting, your resources are only yours, which means there would be no instances of your resources being hogged by other clients; with only a few clients and resources dedicated solely to your server, you get peak performance with reliable basic managed VPS hosting.


Even if you are a beginner or non-tech, you don't need to hire a tech administrator for controlling your website because we take care of your server at the backend; that makes your basic managed VPS cost-effective and prudent solution as compared to the dedicated server if you have a tight budgetary.


It hurts when malware rears its ugly head and disrupts your server performance. But we don't let that happen when you have sunk your time, effort and money on it. We use protection against DDoS and immuify360 to keep your network secured and encrypted in our hacking free basic managed vps.

Easy Management

In a basic managed server, we take care of maintenance and Management of your server so that you can take care of big deals and great deeds. Just concentrate on your business; our highly dedicated technical team takes care of the technical aspect.

The Technology Behind Semi VPS

  • Apache/Nginx/Litespeed
  • Ipv4/v6
  • Password Protection
  • SFTP
  • Alternate PHP Cache
  • SSH Access

What VNET Offers

99.9% Uptime

Our data centres are spread across the length and breadth of India, and we have a global presence as well. With constant monitoring, redundancy, and high availability, plus our super-powerful hardware, make sure you get guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Dedicated Environment

Basic managed VPS hosting is the right place for business oriented servers if you have just started new and have a tight budget. Get admin access to your virtual servers, autoscaling, and use all your hardware resources, storage, CPU, memory for your hosting server. It's all yours.

SSL/TLS Certificate

To keep the network between your website and customer safe and secure. We offer you a free let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which takes care of your Google ranking and creates trust among your clients in our cost-effective basic managed VPS

Multi-Lingual Support

Now, no more inhibitions! VNET speaks your language. We pave the way for your success! We provide customer support in 7 distinct languages, with added multichannel features like phone, chat, WhatsApp, mail, Anydesk.


A lot depends on SSD when it comes to the performance and speed of your server. In our SSD basic managed VPS, we use the SSD NVMe RAID 10 mounted storage for you, which takes care of the efficiency of your server.

Maximum Reliability

Our weekly and monthly backups, round the clock customer support, enhanced security, and remarkable scalability promise you maximum reliability in our most reliable basic managed vps.

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Frequently Asked Question

The basic managed VPS plan sits somewhere between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Taking care of your budget gives you the Environment of dedicated hosting.
We provide a free domain with only one website.
Yes, we provide free migration under a few GB of data transfer.
You can host unlimited websites as you want.