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Affordable Managed Dedicated Server Pricing & Plans

Your big database or a gaming app you have just commenced, we got you covered!

Basic Managed Dedicated Server

Enjoy administrator access, configure software, choose your plan and rule your server.

Looking for a plan that agrees with your budget and gives Improved performance to your web projects? Don’t go far. With VNET, you would get it all. Our best-dedicated server is housed in enterprise-class hardware that gives you more efficiency, power and gives new wings to your business.

Even though you have a team that handles your IT infrastructure, sometimes the dynamic changes within the business can take a toll on the efficiency and performance of the management. In those instances, your team might need help with problems like DNS management, kernel upgrades, troubleshooting with configurations already done.

Therefore, our team will help you establish hardware and operating system. We support you with a network problem, hardware failure, setting up or troubleshooting some old configurations; in return, you get full root access. And you can entirely focus on your marketing strategies, sales campaigning, which ultimately leads to the growth of your organization.


  1. Powerful AMD Ryzen pro and EPYC processors.
  2. Superfast RAM DDR4ECC, blazing-fast SSD NVMe.
  3. DDOS protection, WAF, IDS/IPS.
  4. KVM over IP.
  5. Data centres across Germany, India, UK, USA, CANADA.

Dedicated Servers With Unhindered Traffic

Command your server and dominate your industry with VNET cost-effective servers and give your websites, big databases and data-hungry apps more efficiency, power and usability.

Fast & Secure SSD

SSD is the most reliable storage option for the best performance of your server; we heard you, that’s why we offer precisely what you need. You get the industry's best storage option SSD and SSD NVMe, which are set up to give ultra blazing speed to your server.

Power-Packed Processors

To cater for you with supercomputing power is our main aim. We administer next-generation Intel processors from Xeon E3 to high-end Xeon, plus we offer AMD EPYC and AMD Ryzen pro series.

Superfast RAM

RAM works for storing and reading data on a hard drive; hence, it contributes to the quick performance of your applications and websites. The selection of RAM also depends on the operating system and processor you choose for your servers; we administer RAM DDR4ECC in our dedicated servers.


We make sure the data between your website and visitors are totally secure; therefore, we use immunify 360 and IDS/IPS technology that gives a face-off to cyber attack, WAF that keeps the server secure at the application layer, let's encrypt the SSL certificate, that authenticates that your site is secured and also helps in crawling the top page in google.

Geo Redundancy

Our data centres follow high-security standards and are ISO 27001 certified. To provide optimum performance, quickest page-load to your visitors, we have allocated our data centres in 27 different locations across the globe. We are elated to proclaim that we are present at different locations in the USA, Canada, Germany, India, and the UK.

Choose From The 30+ Range Of Operating System

Install an operating system of your choice as per your business requirement and plans.

  • Windows 2019/2016
  • Debian 10
  • CoreOS
  • CentOS 8
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Cloud Linux
  • Fedora

Want To Know More? Go Through The Features VNET Provides In Basic Managed Services

With VNET sky is the limit; check out the fantastic features and decide on the plan you want to pick out for your gaming servers, website, or a mission-critical app.

High Availability

Your servers are built on powerful AMD processors, super-fast SSD NVMe, a dedicated RAM DDR4ECC, fortified security that can knock off any malware or cyber-attack; in addition to that, our data centres are omnipresent, which gives the instance of high availability to your servers.

Complete Server Monitoring

Give complete attention to the other tasks like instaling your niche software, backup and other configurations and even KPI, MRTG, everything is roped in. Yes! you heard that right; you can quickly analyse and monitor your server from a single interface

Increased Performance

What you get with managed dedicated hosting is peak performance; we take care of your automation jobs, firewall configurations, DNS management, and kernel upgrades; you be responsible for backup configuration, system performance that ends up in the improved performance of your servers.

Kernel Upgrades

kernel upgrades are essential as there are apps that require a high level of the kernel for the overall performance of your AMD servers. We offer easy and quick kernel upgrades for which our tech team will help you.


With KVM over IP, accessing your dedicated server's mouse, screen, and keyboard is super easy, even if you are sitting remotely on the island of Hawai’i. You can access it from anywhere.

Instant Provisioning

Delays can upset your apple cart, and in VNET, we don’t let that happen. You get the quickest provisioning within an hour.

Learn How We Can Be Helpful To Your Industry

Our servers can be helpful in many ways. Check out the use cases!

Back Up

Dedicated servers are the ideal option as a backup for intense calculation apps and big databases.

Big Databases

Yes, right! The big databases like oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL need a big house that can take care of their high input-output technologies.

High Volume Servers

Worried about the sudden peak in traffic? dedicated servers can manage your high volume servers.

SaaS Application

Dedicated servers are the absolute storage house for SaaS applications.

Video Streaming

For video streaming, dedicated plans can accommodate files of any size, hence the best option for your apps.

VNET Basic Managed Control Panels

Make your work super easy with our complete range of control panels. Install OS or take care of security everything with a few easy clicks.

  • Floxlor
  • DirectAdmin
  • Cpanel
  • ISPconfig
  • VESTAcp
  • Aapanel
  • CentOS Web panel

Your server safety is our priority!

At VNET, we encompass every security protocol to keep our data centres safe and secure from a security threat, unauthorized access and natural calamity.

Back up

Data loss can be a nightmare ! But we never let that happen, as we back up our servers using components likeRubrik 5.2 software, RAID 0, 1, 5, and RAID 10 that provides stripping and mirroring to your data. In addition to that, we also have infused weekly and monthly automated backups in our servers .

Fire protection

Fire is fatal! We use a fire detection, fire alarm and fire suppression system in all our 27 data centres.

Power supply

Power outages can happen, and sometimes it's unpreventable; that’s why we have erected a tier 3 set up data centres with excess power supply.


As our data centres and servers are highly available; you would never face any issue with network with basic managed dedicated servers


All ourServers are set at optimum temperature, as we use HVAC technology ( heating, ventilation, air conditioning ), which also keeps the humidity level in checkand give our servers the required thermal comfort.

Learn More About Our Servers!

We can understand your inhibitions about the choice of OS, plans, pricing and services. Ask questions; we are all ears!

In basic services, our team will help you establish hardware and operating system. We support you with a network problem, hardware failure, setting up or troubleshooting some old configurations; in return, you get full root access. And you can entirely focus on your marketing strategies, sales campaigning, which ultimately leads to the growth of your organization.

Don’t worry about that; you will be guided throughout the process from the time you choose the plan to provision and the regular follow up procedures.

You can choose your operating system, and our team can help you install the same.

Well, that depends entirely on the plan you have chosen; however, you would get complete guidance on the RAM choice after our tech team get a complete business insight.

It can be done as early as one hour

Absolutely you can install your gaming apps on our dedicated servers.

Our dedicated servers can be used for different purposes like Saas applications, databases, intense calculation apps, and for backup.

VNET Customer Support

Get technical advice or place an order; our customer support is available 24x7x365.

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