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Backup is one of the most significant tasks in order to protect the website’s necessary files. If you maintain your website’s data and files at a secure location, you will be able to restore your website when you face any disasters issues. The main intention behind the website backup is to protect your website forever.

Shared and Reseller Hosting Backup Terms

We do the regular backup process on our shared and reseller hosting servers but it the security of the data eventually based on your web hosting plans and features whatever you use. We always recommend to our clients that they must keep their website data on their own behalf because this thing will protect files in case of difficulty or server down.

You can ask us to get your website backup format in a month if you don’t want to keep the backup. But you should remember that this request will not be part of our policy and terms. Our team is ready to help you in all your troubles and provides you every possible solution.

If you want any backup copy then you will have pay this following fee –

VPS Hosting Backup Terms

VNET TECHNOLOGIES’s team does not keep backups on a server basis or a hosting plan basis. When VPS hosting is secured from crash by sudden hardware failure issue, then there are more reason exists for crash, which are hacker and viruses’ strikes and accidental attack and such kind of attacks are very common because sometimes users put wrong commands.

In VPS hosting cases we offer three types of backup alternative so you consider them –

Local Backup –

This option are most simplistic option to protecting a website. But local backup contains low quality security features and malware attacks issues always exist. Users only choose local backup due to cheap prices but local backups can harm your website forever.

So it is necessary to maintain at least 40% storage space empty so that your backup can runs without difficulties.

R1Soft Backup Licenses –

Another side, we offers R1Soft backup solutions. This R1Soft Continuous Data Protection let you to protect significant data and its works with backup agent and necessary to install secondary server along with CDP software. Users should know this thing that backup agent could make timed backups within a limited time. After this beginning level, changes occur in a limited extent time it means faster backup with minimum data transfer. This also cut down the value of storage which is necessary to hold backup data for a long time.

R1Soft Backup cost will be given seperately.

Rsync Backups –

This option provides more freedom rather than above. In which user can run any tool to do the backup task to protect the data because this rsync solution offers more storage space which is similar to disk space of VPS. And users know that rsync option easily working with Linux server. There are more tools exist to which is rdiff-backup, it is offers same approach similar to the rsync backup. Rsync Storage price will be given seperately.

If you don’t want to buy our backup solution then we recommends you that must choose other options to ensure the protection of website data and its files. Backup solutions are not concluded default plans of VPS hosting. We insist you that take backups of your website data file using remote backup plan in case you are not approaching to us.

Dedicated Servers –

Dedicated server is not covered from its data losses which is occur by hardware failure and another reason of data losses that can’t protect against, different kind of attacks like malware, virus, hackers and sudden failure like accidental. This is one of most general cause of failure and it occurs from user side and user is accountable for it.

We suggest you to always maintain your offsite backup.

We offer following kind of backup options, you should consider them –

Your Option –

If your data has change or you refuse to take our backup service then we will provide your data after updating which is exist in our database. In many cases you can reach up to this via billing system contact us or mail.

Public Forums –

Any information you want to talk on or reveal it in public then it will be the public information. Before doing it you should think what information is able to disclose or what not. If you want to remove your personal information from our websites and forum then contact us – It depends on information if we can delete it or not.

Data Security –

VNET TECHNOLOGIES employ the highly standard features to stop the failure or unauthorized access of user’s data. We assure our customers that we are accountable to protect their data in any case if they are getting our backup features and all the essential information is our servers. Likewise, your financial information is protected using SSL certificate.

Children –

We do not ask any information form children and our servers don’t contain any legal information about children. In case if our server consists information regarding children under 13 age then we will delete it soon.

Changes to this Policy –

Last but not least, we have the right to edit, change and update new this privacy policy and we can it any time. If we plan anything regarding privacy policy then we will provide this information and give you 30 days period. In these 30 days you can ask the anything related to you backup plan that how to manage it or modify it.

Contact Us –

We always assert to our customers to ask question anytime by sending Email @ –

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