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Advanced VPS Hosting

We all like an improvement, and so does your business. Choose our highly advanced VPS packed with NGINX 1.17.0 for super boosted website speed.

Get autoscaling, unmatched high speed, unlimited bandwidth with Advanced VPS, plus automated server backups. Migrate your shared VPS plan to our advanced VPS plan today and get the best versions of storage, control panel with an SSL certificate for secure and safe transactions. Choose our plans!

What VNET Provides In Advanced VPS

Advanced Protection

We know security matters when you have spent so much money in building a website. We won't let you down! Our protected Advanced VPS supports security extensions like immunify360, Failban2 intrusion prevention and active directory integration. Both free and paid versions are available.


Storage is one crucial factor, as it adds to the better performance of your VPS. We choose SSD for our advanced VPS server, which gives 300 % faster speed than traditional HHD, alongside better durability and lower power consumption. VNET offers 20 GB SSD/ 40 GB SSD/ 60 GB SSD/ 80 GB SSD/ 120 GB SSD/160 GB SSD/ 200 GB SSD/ 25O GB SSD/.

Operating System

You choose liberty over constraints; we knew it! You have complete freedom to choose your operating system; apart from that, you can even install and reinstall your operating system. WE administer 32 bit and 64-bit architecture versions for CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux in our affordable Advanced hosting.

Control Panel

Our advanced VPS control panel incorporates multiple options to suit your business requirement. We offer Cpanel, Plesk, Spanel, Direct Admin, solidcp. Cpanel, Plesk are compatible with Linux, whereas Plesk and solidcp work with the windows operating system.

SSL/STL Certificate

You can't imagine your website being monitored by a third party! Right, your privacy matters, and we believe in our services; that's why we include Let's Encrypt SSL certificates in your VPS plan, making it secured Advanced VPS. And Yes! It's completely free.

PHP Versions Manageable

In our Advanced Managed VPS, we use the latest version of Cpanel, Multi-PHP manager, that makes it easy for you to check which PHP version your site uses and switch options between different versions.

The Technology Behind Advance VPS

  • Centos/Debian/Oracle Linux
  • SSD NVMe
  • Mysql/Maria DB/Postgre SQL
  • Plesk/Cpanel/Spanel

What VNET Offers

Easy Upgrade

Hey buddies! Do you feel your website is crammed with too much content, and you can't help the traffic? No worries! It's time to size up. Our highly technically skilled team will guide you through the better next plan, just suited for your business; now, you can easily upgrade from your shared hosting to our powerful advanced server with few simple clicks.

Instant Provisioning

We want to handle your burden just instantly; thus, we give you quick activation for your hosting plans for both Linux and windows, escorted by all variations and their latest versions within 15 minutes. We are known for providing instant provisioning in our industry.

Dedicated Environment

We understand your requirements, .and we absolutely mirror them. You get admin access and utilize your storage, CPU space, and memory for your advanced VPS server. It's exclusively yours.

Maximum Reliability

Our automated backups, round the clock customer support, enhanced security, and remarkable scalability makes our advanced VPS servers a highly reliable option for your website.

Multi-Lingual Support

We make your life easy! VNET provide customer support in 6 distinct languages. With added multichannel features like phone, chat, WhatsApp, mail, Anydesk.

Automated Server Backups

You get automated backups plus a technical support team that is available 24x7x365 if any technical glitch pops up.

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Frequently Asked Question

In our advanced VPS package, we offer you a faster SSD, which is 300% faster than a normal HHD; besides that, you get a free SSL certificate and NGINX for the better performance of the system. Not only that, but you also get instant provisioning and a dedicated environment as bonus points.
Nginx is a web server, Or you can say a reverse proxy much better than apache. It is capable of controlling traffic better than other reverse proxy options. It is used to control high website traffic.
Yes, as your business pick up and customers start multiplying, you can upgrade your hosting plan and choose from our popular VPS options like standard VPS, Premium VPS, fully managed VPS and Advanced VPS server. No worries, our technical experts will clear all your doubts and queries and will help you choose the best VPS plan for your business.
Yes, to keep your connection secure and transactions encrypted, it is a better idea to tag SSL/TLS certificates along. With us, you get an Advanced VPS free SSL certificate.