Unlimited MSSQL Hosting 2021 Hosting Plans Just For You

Get Fastest, Most Secure & Cheapest MS SQL Deals with VNET India. We provide the best environment for all MS SQL hosting and web application development.

MS SQL Solutions

MS SQL Hosting Solution

VNET India specializes in MS SQL hosting, providing an ideal server hosting environment with blazing speed server, daily backups, 24/7/365 support and much more.

You can now easily use the most powerful & versatile framework to create, access and manage databases for a wide range of web applications. With our blazing fast servers, you can create the desired web applications and deploy them without any hassle. Rest assured that our team will help you manage your MS SQL for you. Choose your server hosting plans matching your budget and server needs and let us handle the rest.

With enhanced security features in place, our MS SQL hosting services are designed to meet your specific needs along with:

  • Unlimited MSSQL Users & Unlimited Traffic
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support
  • Instant Setup
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Easily Import or Export using our Control Panels
  • FAQ about MS SQL Hosting

    What Is MS SQL?
    • MS SQL is a versatile, and powerful Microsoft's database management application, and has been built using the Structured Query Language (SQL). It can be used for creating, managing and accessing databases to create personalize content for the website.

    What are the Advantages of using MS SQL database over others?
    • MS SQL offers robust security platform, high scalability, easy integration and complete web application development solutions. It has been designed to work effortlessly with .NET framework and ASP.NET

    What are my Hosting Options for MY SQL server?
    • Choosing VNET India for your MS SQL hosting is an economical choice as you don’t have to bear the heavy cost of server, maintenance and SQL Server licensing. With high-speed servers, and technical support, you can leave most of the heavy lifting to us.

    What Integration and Migration to SQL server looks like?
    • MS SQL servers are designed to handle all types of integration and migration with a standard Import/Export Wizard.

    What are the type of application can be built in MSSQL server?
    • It can be used to build windows applications using frameworks like Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Basic (VB) 6.0 applications, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) applications, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, web applications (ASP.NET), and web services (.NET web services) and more.